Closet design

Closet Design

In North America, a closet is a small space used for hanging clothes and storing other personal things that needs to be hidden and organized. As the word connotes, closets have its own walls and door to conceal personal things. It is usually built inside the bedroom to provide more privacy to the one who owns the house. Its use started in the 17th century where the French made it as a small private room to retire privately while reading or doing personal works of their own enjoyment. This was often located behind a bedroom.
Today, modern closets are built during the house construction by attaching it into the walls to provide enough space for the bedroom. They can also be made a free-standing piece of furniture inside the bedroom. These kinds of closet design are often called a wardrobe or armoire as they are used for storing clothes and personal things. Before World War II, built-in wall closets were rare and if they exist during this time, its designs were small and shallow. When the war ended, better designs that is deeper and in bigger sizes was introduced to new housing designs. The response from the buyers was very warm that it became a part of any housing and building construction from then on.
In choosing the best closet design for your own use, check and examine the existing space in your room and the quantity of things you need to store. After evaluating the whole situation, you can start designing the closet that will meet your needs. Redesigning an existing closet may sometimes end you up in frustration from the idea of the kind of closet you have in mind. It may become ineffective because of the currently existing fixtures. The basic closet design usually comes with a single bar for hanging clothes and a few shelves for additional storage for shoes and bags. For most people this is not an effective design.
Therefore, it is best to remove all the existing fixtures to provide a good space for more storage options. You can now begin measuring the available space intended for your closet design. Be sure to find out and evaluate the intended closet space with the house plan. Vertical space is essential as this provides more storage space in the closet. Your new closet should be able to accommodate all the things that you want to store in it. After evaluating all the stuff you want to keep in the closet, you can start sketching the plan by using grid paper and a pencil to make a scale plan.
If you opt for custom closet design this will help in organizing the things you want to keep in the closet. If you have a huge collection of shoes and handbags, provide plenty of shallow shelves for this. If you have short items to hang such as shirts, pants and scarf or shawl, you can install two layers of bars for hanging these items. Utilize the top of the closet for more shelves and an additional shelves or drawers at the bottom for storage of larger items such as travel bags end exercise mats.
Closets are part of household appliances and even if it is just a simple place to store clothes and other personal paraphernalia, it must be adaptable, durable and convenient to use. But if you plan to integrate a large complex closet design, you will definitely need the assistance of an expert. However, if you opt for a simpler design and enjoy working on a do-it-yourself home projects, there are pre-fabricated closet organizing systems that are available at home improvement stores. Start right away and enjoy the one-of-a-kind closet you made.

Designs based on the Type of Closet

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